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YogaOne Studio


Our YogaOne studio embraces a sense of calmness, 

well-being and wholesomeness.  

When you enter, we hope that you will feel 

warmly welcomed and non-judged. 

We know that our students come to their yoga practice 

for many personal reasons. 

There are no mirrors in our studio and lights are dimmed. 
There are no pictures or videos taken during classes.  

We respect the privacy, sanctity and tranquility 

of your practice.  



Vicki's Story:

YogaOne  is a manifestation of sharing and giving back.   

I developed sciatica  in 2006. Undoubtedly the pain was an outcropping of 26 years of teaching fitness classes, running, and overall pounding of my back, hips, ankles and feet with no regard to any complimentary balance and flexibility program. After orthopedic doctors, medications, acupuncture, and various other attempts at healing……the pain began to dissipate. So I went back to my running and weight-lifting routines thinking that more was better. I lifted more, I ran farther and  faster….moving into my midlife years with a fitness vengeance.

Subsequently the pain returned…………but this time so severely that I could not drive, sit or sleep. I spent my nights writhing around in bed…. wishing I  could cut off my own leg to make the pain go away.  I ended up back at  the orthopedic doctor and was diagnosed with a herniated disk in my  back, sciatica, AND hip bursitis. I was sent to rehab and was told that  I need to make some serious life changes. 

After the shock and denial started to wear off, I remembered that I had practiced a little yoga in the 90's.  I started doing some yoga postures at home.  I bought DVDs and yoga books. I started taking yoga classes locally at any place I could find a class. Some classes I loved, some I didn’t. I kept trying. I cried, I laughed and I kept on practicing. I did nothing else but yoga….no running…no weight training….just yoga. I came home from work at lunchtime to get my yoga practice in. I woke up  early and practiced yoga before work. I felt calmer. My type-A  personality was less important.  I lived for that day, not the next day.  I do not know when the pain left my body, nor did I care. I healed. I grew. I let go.

Eventually I knew that I needed to help someone else.  I needed to share yoga and it’s healing power.  I decided to pursue yoga teaching and make yoga my life's work. 

Yoga is my way of giving back. Everyone should try yoga at least one time in their  lifetime.  Yoga is truly a life-changing experience and one that I will  cherish and practice for the rest of my life.  Perhaps it is time to  give something back to yourself. Learn to love yourself again. Give yourself this wonderful gift of yoga.
Vicki, YogaOne Owner